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New: Our own book

New: Our own book "The Cardboard House"

Release date 05-10-2021!

Gine and David left for Spain to start a new life there. A well-known TV program in May followed their departure, their hopes and eventual despair.
What a lot they have been through, one malheur after the other at the house, often the result of malicious practices, made their hearts diminish further and further. Will they ever get over all the blows?

"Those we spoke with gave us the idea of writing a book. What happened to us borders on the unbelievable, and we are far from finished with that. We have taken up that plan and have an author in John of Ireland. found that puts our story on paper. It is the book about our adventure, emigrating to the south of Europe. "

In the biographical book, the reader leaves for Spain and embarks on an astonishing voyage of discovery. All valleys are visited, but there are always climbs again. As soon as we are at the top, another crater will appear; can we still handle this?
The book has a solid moral, as well as starting points and handles to make a well-prepared step towards an existence in Spain. Something very different from what David and Gine experienced this. They had a very hard school and realized that giving up was no longer an option!

'The cardboard house, we left for Spain' will be published in a romanticized narrative form just before the summer holidays of 2021 for € 20 (excl. Shipping costs).

It is now possible to register beforehand. Order (reserve) the book on the webshop until April 20 and pay € 20, - including shipping costs in the Netherlands for a signed and numbered copy.

You can order the book via the website

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