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House wine

In collaboration with a Bodega JD from Aspe, we now have our own house wine with a beautiful logo.

We have a red, dry rosé and dry white wine and a delicious moscatel wine with the taste of orange.

1 liter of red wine € 5.00

1 liter of white wine € 5.00

1 liter of rosé wine € 5.00

1 liter of Moscatel € 7.50

Organic Olive Oil

We have 31 olive trees. This time we pressed a total of 63 liters from our olives (294.5 kg). We picked all the olives by hand and brought them to a press in Elche. Only our olives are pressed, so no olives from others. Our olives are unsprayed.
So now available our unique own olive oil at € 5.00 per bottle (125 ml) with our own logo van 't Kartonnen huis.

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Published 15-12-2020 / Copyright © Casa el Cardo Morado